What We Offer

Program Design and Implementation

The sonnevera team can provide an expert assessment of your waste reduction needs and opportunities, and produce a waste reduction plan suited to your specific situation, from remote rural municipalities and small businesses to large cities and corporations. Upon completion of your plan, we can also provide ongoing advice and monitoring during implementation, to ensure maximum success and efficiency of your program.


Program Evaluation

Have you ever wondered whether your recycling program is getting you the most "diversion for your dollar"? Changeable parameters, such as technology and market conditions, can provide opportunities for increased effectiveness within existing waste reduction programs. The sonnevera team will provide a professional evaluation of your existing program to determine areas which offer potential for increased efficiency and diversion, and formulate program modifications which meet your changing needs.


Education / Promotion

The sonnevera team brings considerable expertise and experience in producing educational and promotional materials such as brochures, posters and newsletters. Our affiliation with the best graphic designers and printers ensures high quality materials which deliver the impact you require.


Event Planning

If you require planning and coordination services for your environmental event, the sonnevera team can help to ensure your function comes off without a hitch. We have strong expertise in planning all levels of events, from small workshops to large conferences and trade shows.


Workshops and Seminars

The sonnevera team's expertise and experience in waste reduction, and our combined affiliation with a wide range of other professionals in the field, makes us an ideal choice to deliver your seminar or workshop. We offer very strong presentation and teaching skills, producing educational events which are interesting, informative and inspiring.

Our Clients

We service municipalities of all sizes, corporate clients, governments, and not-for-profits.